Chevrolet Malibu Problem Report

Chevrolet Malibu Front windows come off track due to broken sash brackets

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The front window sash brackets may break causing the window to come off track. Our technicians tell us that new brackets are available and can be installed on the old window glass if it is not damaged.
Window would not roll down and seemed pinched at the front end. Noticed it was on the outside of the track on the front. Took it to a shop and they fixed it. -
Occurred on both front Windows, repaired them both my self. Both Windows off track -
Front passenger window will roll down VERY slow & sometimes won't roll down at all -
I just bought the car. When you try to roll the front pass window down it will move VERY slow, & at times wont roll down at all. You have to pull on the window to get it to start working. -
Both rear windows have broken motors. the rear drivers side has been fixed and broke again. -
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