Buick LeSabre Problem Report

Buick LeSabre Poor Ride/Handling Due to Worn Suspension Struts

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The front struts may show signs of wear, or be excessively bouncy ride at freeway speeds. This may begin to occur at around 75,000 miles.

when brakes are applied and then released makes a bumpy response and noise. -
car riding roughly replaced front struts -
I am in the process of getting this looked at. Could also be due to air ride system in car for the back of the car. Air ride does not raise car in back anymore. -
I've noticed the jerking when on the freeway the most and hit a pothole. Thought it was front end alignment since minneapolis has the worst pothole problem in the world - and no money to fix them all. After reading all these other reports I can see this is the more likely culprit. I'll have to sell my car to get enough money to replace them. -
mine started right around 100,000 miles. but its totally understandable. the car has alot of miles on it. -
worn out springs and shocks -
Struts are loose and bouncy. -
Excessive bouncing in front end. -
check engine light & tire pressure light always on -
slight noise and bouncy -
I paid 1900 bucks to get the problem fixed and it's still have problems -
feels like your out on the open ocean up and down up and down... -
no bounce parked it. Heard funny noise when started MAJORLY bumpy ride -- r strut broke -
Need this one too. The air shocks are about $75 each. But if you have replaced anything else like brakes or wheel bearings make sure to get a full wheel alignment afterwards -
Did not change till 147000 miles. Should have done it alot earlier. Restored handling to an incredibly good level. -
Started by 50000 miles -
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