Honda Civic Problem Report

Honda Civic Front Struts May Leak Oil

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A fluid leak may develop from one or both front suspension struts. Replacing the struts (usually in pairs) will be necessary to take care of the problem.

Left strut leaking. Dealer quoted $219.99 per strut with a lifetime warranty. -
The car was only 2 years old when this happened -
front shock leak can i repair it -
Have had front strut issues since the day I bought the car. Each time a knocking noise indicated the problem when going over bumps/indentations in the road. Both front replaced under warranty at 3000, then front right under warranty around 30000, then again at 60000. I now have the issue again at 110000 and the dealer and Honda claim there is no known issue and can't explain or warranty these even though they have failed so many times. No more Honda for me -
Same issue, was told by the Honda dealership mechanic that one of the front shock absorbers needs to be replaced since it was leaking oil. I looked and that was the case. I was told that it's best replace both side instead of just one. Quoted $740 to replace both shock absorbers at Norm Reeves Honda at Cerritos. -
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