BMW 325xi Problem Report

BMW 325xi Front Outer CV Boots May Tear

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After 60,000 miles, the front outer half-shaft boots tend to tear and leak grease. In most cases, only the boot will have to be replaced; however, if it is not repaired soon enough, the half-shaft may need to be replaced. The front outer boots are put under heavy stress because of their involvement with the suspension when making turns.

I had to replace the Driver Front CV Axle completely because of the boot tear and it leaking oil. I now have to replace the Passenger side now. -
can not fix. have to replace the cv axle assmebly every 7000 miles. -
replaced both drive axle shaft assemblies -
front boots were ripped open and leaking grease. -
I have broken rubber seals leading to cv joint vibration. -
The problem was discovered when going in because of a valve cover gasket that blew on my way to work, problem has not yet been resolved -
I had to have both of mine done. I also had to have the left one re-done. I live in the mountains off a dirt road. I thought it was that. Man they are expensive to replace. Luckily I caught it prior to having to do the whole thing. -
both front outer boots have torn... -
Second time I've had this issue since purchasing this vehicle. Based on price made more sense to replace axle, which came with CV boots, rather than replacing individual CV boot. Mechanic showed me the tear and oil all over the place. -
I had the same problem with bolth sides, replaced bolth and it has been fine ever since. -
front left outer boot went bad and had to replace the entire axle...what a stupid system -
clicking on right side when turning left. -
have replaced both boots in the past 2 years, Dealer just told me that I have a crack in the new one already...I am more than cautious about turning too sharply, I just cant get past how much they charge to replace each-upwards of $600 -
Left side "split" right side "cracked" Dealer repair 985.85 -
noticed cv boots leaking on left and right half axle. replaced both half axles -
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