Honda Fit Problem Report

Honda Fit Front Door Arm Rest May Break

(30 reports)

One or both front door armrests may crack. Our technicians tell us a revised door panel is available to correct this issue.

Driver's side door arm rest cracked with a hole under the fabric, uncomfortable and from what I hear a very common problem. Whats up with this Honda? 09-11-14 *UPDATE* Got a call from the service manager of local Honda dealership, he ordered the part for me and they will repair it. He said I will only pay 10% of whatever it is and if I pay $20 thats a lot. Appointment is for next week to install the part. Once I get it I will remove it and build up the area where it split with epoxy to hopefully strengthen the weak point to prevent it from happening again. I will believe when its all done, if they fix this the way they did Honda might have a solid customer. I thought service like this was a thing of the past? We shall see. -
Divers armrest began to soften and buckle then one day I opened the door and the leather open and essentially burst. Also the cente panel is beginnig to buckle as well. -
Honda Accord LX 2008- leather door frame, arm rest and center console- all bubble and crease. This is an issue with the 2008 Honda Accord. The dealer fixed it as it happened soon after I purchased the car- within 4 months- both the driver door and console. Now, it is not covered and I would have to pay for it to be repaired. It looks terrible and apparently is vinyl, not leather, I have read. My solution is to fix it myself or pay through the nose to pay for poor quality to begin with, which is probably what I will end up doing some day. Such a shame! Car looks good at first, but I don't think is as nicely made as I had thought originally. -
arm rest rips not fixed yet trying to find a new replacment -
This isn't a structural or performance issue but just one of those little things that go bad on cars far too soon. -
Drivers side door armrest split underneath the material. -
At about 90k miles my driver side armrest begin to crack. - 2010 Honda Accord -
This happened to mine shortly after I bought the car used at 37,000 miles. I haven't fixed it yet. This really should be a recall item since it happens to so many Fits. -
Armrest keeps coming off the door panel. -
Drivers door arm rest cracked. -
Recent problem. Just beginning to research my options -
armrest on driver side just randomly cracked. Seems to follow the whole length of the top panel. -
The arm rest under driver's left elbow has broken for the 2nd time in a year. It is still under warranty, so they will replace it, but they indicated it is not a normal problem. -
LEFT ARMREST CRACKED UNDER MATERIAL'SOFT & spongey, cheap plastic not ABS like the rest of door panel. Not resolved as of yet,car is still under warranty & American Honda has offered a discounted repair,$130 to me on my cost,so much for the Honda warranty. The rep from Am Honda was not friendly & dissmissive of the Honda three year 36'000 mile waranty & not admiting to the on going problem. -
Driver side armrest frequently came loose, and then eventually the plastic tab that holds it on the top / rear side broke. Very poor quality. -
driver door arm rest cracked under the fabric showed to a dealer and they offered to split cost of replacing part 50/50 since its out of warranty. Otherwise never had an issue with the car. -
Brought it in for a recall. I swear the workers broke it because it wasn't broken when I brought it in. Anyway, thank goodness I'm still covered under my 3 year warranty. -
My Drivers side elbow rest cracked and I had it replaced under warranty 1 year ago. It is broken again, as well as the passengers side, same spot. They want $250 each since warranty is up. -
Drivers front arm rest broken, replaced under warranty and broke again in less than a week. -
Arm rest under the Driver's left elbow has broken and gone soft under the elbow. No repair. Would love a suggestion. -
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