2002 Ford Windstar Questions

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The seat is moved all the way up.

I have changed it all,even the coil, it still sputters. We recently had new valve seals I'm chasing a ghost,I can feel it but can't find the cause. Some help please


the engin light has been on for over a year and the car runs ok? ?

Flyer what could it be

I've changed plugs/wires, manifold gaskets, egr valve. Codes show massive vacumn leak. Problems really flare up when I run it during a rain storm. I smell fuel standing outside drivers door when I start it up. Is there some valve coming off gas tank underneath that could be an issue?

I think the code is p 42 or 43

I can't find a 215/70R-15 tire. can I put 215/75R-15 mud tires on back on a 02 ford windstar

for can I leave it off the cable

I drive about a mile warm and stop at stop light it starts to cool off then I drive another mile or so and it get warm again the dash says temp says the temp is good do I have a sticky thermostat or bad water pump it don't overheat and no dripping under the vehicle ?

van was missing terrable at random ,thin would not start,used starter fluid to try start it and it backfired and blew a large hole in exaust manifold,it looks as though there was a crack ,would this reck anything else when it blew?where mite i get information how to best replace it?

Can you show diagram for instrument panel?Have no owners manual to refer

The vibrating is heavy and comes randomly while I'm driving any suggestions on what could be causing my problem?

wiper arm cost to replace

do i need a fuse