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The coolant is a tad low, just barely. Shouldn't cause any problems like that. And the rear heater seems to be working fine. There is a rear heater control for the back passengers. Idunno...
Cmoke about 50% of the starts. No engine warnings, or codes. Ford dealership maintained per schedule. Just had new ball joint replaced along with a cross member reacall replacement. No issues until after the last ...
I have a clunking noise from the front end on rough roads when hiting bumps. It goes away if I ride the beakes when I check the calipers they are loose and make noise when you hit the tire . Is there a way to fix this...
how much to do a tranny replacement in a Ford Windstar 2002? approx is fine. especially if you have had to have one replaced in this or a similar year winstar. thanks
checked fuses o.k. changed starter still won't start battery o.k.
My van is acting like the tank is full and puking up the gas when actually there is no gas in it. But, no check engine lights yet! and the van is running great.
The back air conditioner doesn't seem to do as well this year as before. I was wondering, is there a filter that needs to be changed or cleaned in back that would possibly help that I could do instead of a mechanic? P...
all of a sudden driving down the road my blinker light gets stuck on . Someone said i can dissconnect it is there a way that i can and is it easy to find?
is the windstar all disc brakes or not?
we have to replace the 2nd O2 sensor, where is it located?
engine chugs and makes popping noise especially when raining.
it happens the same day you change the fuse,I think it is fuse #10.the fuse controls the the transmission trailer tow switch, rear view mirror and the compass.