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this happened to my wife two days ago, happened again tonight, finished our trip fine after restart.
I need the high pressure power steering hose replaced on my 2002 Ford Windstar. From what I've seen the hose can be purchased anywhere from $25-$50 & it appears to be easily accessable, so I wouldn't think that they l...
Check engine lights are mandatory for a New York state inspection, Mine has failed, bulb tested good?
I have changed it all,even the coil, it still sputters. We recently had new valve seals installed.like I'm chasing a ghost,I can feel it but can't find the cause. Some help please
p0135 p01071 p01074
the engin light has been on for over a year and the car runs ok? ?
I've changed plugs/wires, manifold gaskets, egr valve. Codes show massive vacumn leak. Problems really flare up when I run it during a rain storm. I smell fuel standing outside drivers door when I start it up. Is th...
I can't find a 215/70R-15 tire. can I put 215/75R-15 mud tires on back on a 02 ford windstar
I drive about a mile warm and stop at stop light it starts to cool off then I drive another mile or so and it get warm again the dash says temp says the temp is good do I have a sticky thermostat or bad water pump it ...