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Had alternator and battery checked both test good but the information center still says check charging system and battery light is on
doors want lock when you put it in gear
Could you send an instructional picture.
Sometimes the 2001 Windstar has not started, we let it sit for awhile and then it starts. One time it mist when driving arouind 45-50 so we had new plug wires and spark plugs put in, but after that it acted up after I...
I have a 2001 Ford Windstar SEL mini-van, it has 156,000 miles. I have owned it for about 6 months. Last week as I stopped at a traffic light the brake light came on and the warning tone sounded, at the same time I h...
what would make my van stall while in idle or park heating up, also it chugs when driving at a steady spead and wants to cut out when i step on the gas
And then comes on when idling, Would changing the oil sensor unit correct this problem
will it bolt up?they r the same engine,bolth 3.8 fwd can this be done?and r their any differences.