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I can put my van in park. Park is reverse, Reverse is neutral, Neutral is drive and so forth. In order to start it it has to be in neutral because park has shifted so far out to the left that I can no longer lock gear...
Had no problems at all with tranny stopped at a stop sign and when I tried to take off there was nothing
The two fans by the radiator quit working and when i drive long distances or in stop and go traffic, there is smoke that comes from the hood on the drivers side
when looking at the motor its covering the transmission pan. covering the starter. its losing two quarts of oil only driving like 35-40 miles. its showing signs of oil accumualating on the dust cover of the transmissi...
Had no problems with it just pulled in driveway and tried to turn around and I had no reverse or any other gea
The van will not accelerate and boggs out and eventually stalls out and the feul pump is working but weak
I need to know where it at and if its hard too get too
cooling fans inoperative, relays and fuses good fans work with direct power
We'll it came back with the EGR, o2, CAT, HTR, EVR bubbles flashing. But also it read 4 codes system to lean bank 1&2 which I assume has to do with emissions. The other two codes were intake manifold runner stuck op...
Can't reach it from the front nor from the bottom there's gotta be a better way I hope