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Got the van from a friend anout a year ago. Gauge was working, now is always reading full mo matter how much gas is in it. On or off. Itnis always inbthe samenposition now past full and never moves down.
123K miles new fuel pump/filters new air cleaner replaced defective maf sensor 3 mo ago, eng lite ok, back on now with same codes p0171 & p0174 (right/left banks. 1/8 tank fuel (I always use shell premium) my choi...
changed oil and noticed smell of gasoline and the oil was thin motor sounds like someone flicking aluminum can at valve covers
sounds like most noise is coming from valves is this fixable or is this sign motor is blown?
while driving on the freeway for 45min the od light started blinking. I pulled over and checked fluid it was just below full.when pulling back on freeway it seemed to shift slow and didnt go into od. i pushed the od b...
new fuel pump but no diagram for fuel pump relay 30 amo fuse blows for fuel pump I replaced it car started then fuse blows again and car stops
throttle body location and how to clean
wont roll down at times have had work done had van 3 months in shop problem not solved come to comclusion no help for this shop put a switch to turn battery off said my CD player draining from battery and locks rub...
engine runs good then out of blue starts bucking wont rev up engine trys to shut off engine light on
this happens only when i'm slowing down or coming toa stop. at idle i'm okay as well as accelerating. help? recent oil change and a tune up about a year ago.
pcv where is it
my airbag light always flash when i start the engine and after its on always
I have allready replaced my fuel pump and fuel filter but the enginge will cut out out and wont start until it sits for a period of time. What else could be the problem
i came back home one day, i tried to turn off the van but i wasn't able too because the ignition switch feels loose and wont turn on, off, or lock. i had to unplug all power. i put the key in and turn but the ignition...
My 97 Windstar has an intermittant problem: at times it stalls when taking off from a stop, also when putting it in gear. Other times is runs great, no problems. The check engine light is on at times also. I took it...