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Car feels like it skips! Is it true that this Jag engine runs too hot and will continue to blow the coil packs?
Car has 25k miles and I just replaced all spark plugs as engine light was on. Engine light is back on and my mechanic says 2 cylinders need replacement and the other 6 will likely need replacement soon.
what is the fluid reservoir unit for just opposite side of powersteering reservoir.no idea what to re-fill with.
the reservoir indicates min level.no idea what to fill with
My car won't DEQ because the computer is not in the drive cycle.
This is scary when this happens. No matter how hard you push the brake, the engine races. I have to shut the key off and start again to stop this. What can possibly cause this?
Car runs fine are there any test I can do myself?
Had car in to dealership twice. Problem doesn't occur while there. Cools fine. Every now & then it starts blowing hot air out of one side while blowing cold out of other side (dual climatrol). Sometimes it will be ...
Random codes issue / keeps changing on which cyclinder
per instruction manual. They were both low. When I coasted the temp went back down. As I accelerated it got hot again. I only drove about a mile. Help? Stuck thermostat? How much to repair? Fist time overheated...