Dash lights out, tac, speedo and gauges , tried putting voltage on dash lights,they came on, where is that missing voltage originated from, also dimmer switch is bad, could headlamp switch be bad ?

driver door wont open all the way.

I was a proud owner of a 2002 Ford TBird--not now.
My car has less than 30K miles. The check engine light came on. First thought it was fuel cap - no. Light was steady and felt engine missing.
Took to dealer who explain he had experienced similar problem with same car type and it may be a coil issue.
Sign to pay $120 to diagnose why the engine light was on. Got call they would like to perform a coil stress test for an additional charge of 1.5 hour + 1.hour diag to find sensor short. This is in addition to the $120 I agree to find out why light was on.
First problems thought that was why I agree to pay $120???
This is all Greek to me but it was determined "DLC will not communicate with the Data Link Connector found DPFE sensor VREF concern." Bottomline: All 8 coil sensors need to be replaced along with all plugs. Parts needed Coil Asy - Ignition (8), Sensor asy; all spark plugs. Cost: Parts 1251.64, Labor 1085.88, tax $112.65+ $2700. Wow...then learned this is a common problem with the T-B and owners were notified--10yr/$100K Warranty. I'm original owner and was never notified. What recourse do I have against Ford? Where can I get my car fixed without being charged nearly $3,000???


How can I repair this problem?

Car feels like it skips! Is it true that this Jag engine runs too hot and will continue to blow the coil packs?

Car has 25k miles and I just replaced all spark plugs as engine light was on. Engine light is back on and my mechanic says 2 cylinders need replacement and the other 6 will likely need replacement soon.