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have Sport pads with standard rotor. Pads seem to large. They extend up past the rotor, and are grinding on hub of rotor. Pads fit on sport rotor, which is taller and has a smaller hub. Problem there is sport rotor is...
can you tell me how many hours of work is involed total
It will crank after about 20 minute if sitting
The wiper motor has already been replaced, and I have already put a new switch on the car, plus the fuse's are on in working condition but the Wipers still want work. Any Idea's or knowledge from anyone that could hel...
i rebuilt the engine i'm not sure if the manule has a type error.
When car stalls, it starts up again no problem. I also notice volt gage drops during the rough idle before stalling. Told it could be a vacuum leak somewhere along the line. This problem does not happen but occasionally.
car cranks but won,t stay started