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The car was parked and idling with a/c on and started emitting strong gas fumes. then it started miss firing until it died. When I started it up again it would barely idle. Now when I start it up it seems to be fine u...
everytime i reset to check engine light it will come back on within 5 min here in california a car will not pass smog if the check eng. light is on. I have taken it to a tranny shop and they said if it was a selonoid ...
And the control panel is leaking anti-freeze
With out it stopping and completely shutting off. It has no problem restarting its just were. I thought maybe a cable or something idk can anyone help!!!??
it started about a year ago and finely went out about 3 month ago help need to get it inspecation on it
If we add ground to it we get pressure from the fuel pump but the rest of the engine don't have any.
Only on the left side(driver side) spark plugs (not) inside of the engine, there seems to be antifreeze on all plugs, the check engine just turned on. The car after a certain speed starts skipping and at stop lights f...
had car in shop for oil change.. they reported this needs to be replaced as is leaking badly.
when i turn the key without turn it on and put it on neutral then turn it on it will shift. also the same day the radio, clock, the switch to unlock the doors, and button to open the trunk don't work. what could it be.
Left front suspension makes noise when hitting a bump
a soft plug behind the water pump or is the water pump leaking
ran out of gas and my "friend" brought me a gas can and little did i know it was diesel fuel. So i was able to get my car home but with trouble and want to know what i should do about the diesel that ran through the m...