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As it warms up motor runs roughly and smoke and then after moment it dumps bunch of oil I hear what sounds like.vacum leak also it also seems like it's going through lots of gas
my trans stoped pulling first the o-d light started blinking when the car got warm and I had to let off the gas so the trans would shift into drive and now it will not pull in drive 1 and 2 are fine. could it be an se...
it tries to go into drive but it seems like it isn't fully going in when the o-d light first started blinking I had too let off the gas so the trans would go into drive
I'm entering all of my expenses off a hand written sheet of 20 years. Your system is a great idea, but difficult to use. Can't seem to correct a wrong entry - like mileage. Can't enter new date without clicking every ...
At first was told the crank seal was leaking. Later I found anti-freeze dripping under the car. I do have to add anti-freeze often. Now, maybe the water pump? Mileage is 227,900. I can't afford a new engine(or car). W...
A mechanic said he adds 1 qt. of 20/50 to 10/40 when he changes oil. I asked about the "no Zink" in the new oil not good for older engines. I've used 10/40 for many years, now. Do you think this is a good idea?
The idle won't come down and it will drive 45mph without touching the gas
Auto is not shifting in or out of overdrive. ( stuck in overdrive)
we changed from a 2.2 to a 4.3 in a chevy S-10 it sounds good idling but when you go to drive it it takes forever to git up to 50mph or higher what could the problem be?
i would really like to know if engine knocks are common in the 1994 ford thunder bird with a 4.6L V8?
When driving, either up hill or not, as I depress the gas pedal to increase in speed the gear won't stick into high gear and will fall back down. You can tell by looking at the RPM gage. I have to let off the gas ped...
The two seem to be used interchangably? Or am I misreading the terms?