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My Tbird was running well before the replacement of the alternator, battery and the vale cover gasket change. Mechanic broke T birds throttle's so he replaced it with a early 2007 crown victora
I can get up as fast as needed in regular drive but the o.d. won't kick in at all whether dropping the gear or picking up the gear and runs fine until approx. .30mph then I've gotta shift to just drive if I wanna spee...
How do you replace dash light bulbs on 1987 Mercury Cougar Anniversary edition? Left of side of dash lights work other 2 sections don't.
Where is the drain plug to my radiator on my 88 t-bird, and can I use just anti freeze to feel the radiator or do I need to mix it with some water
Put in park and top wont come up, what to try next the cer is a 1964
some one didnt know how to change the ignition w/new key. so they messed up the whole housing!
My exact car model is 1990 Thunderbird LX
makes a fast clicking sound from coil pack???
My CV boots are trn and is this something that needs to be addressed?
How do i tell which transmission is in my t-bird 1990 v-6
need to locate the fuse for the cruise control.
The Letter showed up on my dash in the brake warning lite area. I cant find any info on what it means, Please help. If you know what it mean or where I can find the Info please tell me