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Okay. I know how to scan a check engine. I got the code. It was a small leak in my evap. Okay. I got it smoked by a mechanic snice i dont own a smoker. Found it was the solenoid. I replaced the solenoid and cleared th...
My power steering is making a loud squeal noise and I have been told the power steering motor should be replace. Squeals constantly.
It loosed power and then catches up. it occurs often
Fan blades will turn, Melting of connector on ground side.
2004 Taurus rpm is ok (not the best) at idle but at speed (55 mph) Stays about 3000. I noticed that one of the coil packs is not all the way seated. Could that cause the sound of a vacuum leak?
I don't believe its the tranny because normally reverse goes out then the other gears, also noticed my brake lights are staying on even when keys are in "off" position or completely taken out.drove into parking spot f...
Replaced everything possible, from o2 sensors, to idle control..... you name it. When I unhooked the vacum line going to the air breather, it brought the idle down and I noticed the brakes worked better.But when put b...
I changed out the relay, did not work. My dad said maybe a vaccum hose might be disconnected
It tops out at45:mph in a mile and a half
replace engine 2 days ago hooked everything up car starts but dieds, but anti-thief light flashing all the time, tried the second key same problem. How can i rest it