had the car repaired 3 times since oct. 2015 and now my mechanic tells me to take it to ford - why my car rides rough over bumps - and has a lot of bounce - had tire rods and a whole lot of work - alignment and link replaced from oct 2015 have paid 1300. in repairs and still not right

the transmission won t engage. no matter what gear u put in, its like being in neutral except for park. I was driving on the freeway and it came out of gear and never went into gear.

vehicle makes a a chirping sound under the engine blows hot air.

I brought another start for my car still want start.. Don't hear anything when I turn the key dashboard lights and window are out.. Engine won't crank or start..

wont start lights turn on but car wont crank or fuel pump wont go on all steering column is broken

what can I do to stop the leak in the front of the transmission

I've replaced pcm, ignition switch, lock cylinder, relays, power and ground wire, tested starter and battery. Jumped starter at relay and it turned. Checked fuses and mega fuse. Good continuity on all accessible wires. With key off and out 3 warning lights have a low glow. Theft light flashes every 3 seconds when key is off and not on when key is on. Replaced neutral switch and shortening different gears no crank. I was in stop and go traffic engine died. After 10 minutes it restarted and died again. Nothing since.

moon roof on my ford Taurus is stuck in the open position how to close it

my moon roof is stuck in the open position. the buttons to open it are not working. is there a manual way to close the moon roof

What could be wrong.it want stay started and has very little power

A few weeks ago the left turn signal start blinking more rapidly than usual. Visual inspection revealed what appear to be a faulty front bulb. However, the next day it was working again. Then I noticed the driver’s door lock was lagging behind the others. Now, it’s stopped working completely and my battery charge light comes on a minute or so after start. The battery test at 12.55v off and 13.86v running. Should I tear into the door and suspect the lock actuator? Or, is there other tests I should do first?

One of my belts squeal when it hits water or rains. Could that just be as easy as to fix my serpentine belt?

An my cars loud when I turn it on. an smells when i turn on heater or sit at a light sometimes.
Could that just be my exhaust pipe or a heater core leaking antifreeze? An if its just my exhaust could it just have a stuck valve instead or the hole in the exhaust pipe?

An i also want to get a tune up. How often should you get one done on your car?
I was told every time you buy a used car from a private owner you should always set aside money for tune up. That should be first thing to keep updated on if previous owners havnt had one done in a while. Plus a tune up helps with more miles to a gallon. If im planning on a oil change anyways why hundred more for tune up I'm thinking would be better choice.

A little about my car i got it a month ago. The smell was there when i test drove it. Its 2003 ford taurus with 143000 miles on it. It has Passed echeck. No engine light on. Sticker on windshield says it needs to have oil change when it hits 145.000 miles ... But just recently the engine light had came on. For a few hrs an started to act like it was going to stall. I had gotten out an checked Engine fluid an was almost 3 quarts. When I put Oil in 50 miles later engine light had turn off. an has been off for 2 weeks almost..
I dont think engine is leaking any oil. I believe they had not been 100% with the oil change or because car was sitting almost a year that had somthing to do with it or the exhaust. While it was sitting they did drive it one or twice a week just to have it running a little.