All buttons and switches have been moved but still nothing. Can you please tell me what problem can it be?


car runs fine, no codes. while driving i turn on radio, wipers, headlights,signal lights, car will start to surge, the dash warning lights flicker, the speedometer increases (if stopped) then car dies. it will start right up, and run fine if i do not use the electrical devices mentioned

My car stutters and I think it's because the spark plugs are bad.

I burned up a hose on my Taurus while trying to go in over gear and passed a car. Now I can hear air coming out of the pipe.

When I drive my car a lot the head gasket tends to start wearing out and leak water.

Everything wonderful but it runs hotter than any car ive had the radiator seems fine but daily small-medium leak (bright green) liquid on right hand side of car under car where door situated, now water kinda pouring out as well, heater core issues? Radiator??? Or hoses in heating and air conditioning system on a very fixed budget so I need to narrow down or at least pin point area needs work. I am 64 older help here! I bought it late feb. With 140,000 miles car good shape too

I have a 2002 Taurus SE. I started having problem with the Theft light coming on for a second and then off; which kills the speed for that moment. I have made a new key and programmed at Ford, changed thenTranceiver in the steering column. checked all fuses, checked all relays, had Autozone check my battery, starter and alternator...no issues. All fluid levels are good including transmission. Recently changed the belt, fuel pump and all the relays associated with the fuel line. Any idea what could be going on? The problems happens random... city, highway, etc... rough road or smooth road... HELP...

Also under the left front passenger side where you put your feet at is like Condensating and it's leaking water from the evaporator housing. Does any one know anything please!

The lock mechanism for the tailgate itself works, but the rear glass lock doesn't. Also the courtesy light when opening the door stopped working at the same time as when the rear glass stopped locking.

Just wondering ifbits even worth fixing.

battey is good holds charge.
but needs jump start.

I have a 2002 for Taurus wagon we just recently put a new transmission in it and about 2 to 3 months later it started idling weird like its almost about to stall, and when you press the acceleration it goes but jumps alittle bit before finally getting speed. Also I noticed the exhaust is not blowing constant air out its like its takin a breath and blowing like (in out in out). My dad and I put some c foam in it and replaced te fuel filter but it's still doing it alittle bit it actually does it worse when te Ac is on like the car is struggling to go at all.

I was driving today and my car started to have problems shifting gear. The transaxle light came on and the speedometer stopped working. What can I do to fix problems?

Took vehicle (Ford 500) to shop because AC not working. Diagnosis was compressor broken at cost of $1500. Next day receive call that radiator must be replaced as it is "leaking". My own feeling is that radiator was broken/damaged by mechanic but of course, they're claiming otherwise. It had not been leaking fluid prior to this. Car is used frequently. Any thoughts or ways we can get mechanic to at least foot the bill for part of radiator replacement ($500)?