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The original problem when I took the car to the shop is it would stall while idle. After the MAF replacement it sometimes drives fine and other times will stall when I give it gas. The IAC did not seem to change perfo...
There is a leak under the hood today it started to sound like a moped and it cut off on me for 15 minutes and it makes that noise when I press on the gas
It's not the power steering pump..I've tried a repair fluid but it did not work. As soon as you pour some power steering fluid in, it comes and makes a bubbly noise. Does anybody know what it is? And what part do i need?
I installed a new power steering pump three days ago and my car still squeals when turning and seems pretty tough at times to turn wheel. What would be my next stop to check something out to see why it still makes a l...
where is the cam shaft sensor located on 2001 ford taurus
No turn over, no sound when I try to start car
During this time engine dies nothing else while this is happening if u press gas it jumps and won't do anything does it like like once every couple miles shifts fine can shift thru all gears over and over and nothing ...
I have it at a shop now because the temp was getting high and it was smoking and the shop said they can fix it tomorrow for $500