2001 Ford Taurus SE, 104k miles.

When braking during deacceleration, my car shudders and makes an audible sound (it's more like a deep vibration). The steering wheel shakes so badly I feel like I'm going to lose control!

Also, I have to slam on the brakes when going over 30 mph. At slower speeds, only a tap is all I need. Seems like the two might be related.


Leaks a little after driven a while. Need proper way to tighten bolts. No problem with transmission, just leaking at two bolts. Would like directions

Car recently had head gaskets changed, but ended up having a miss after that. One day driving down the highway it started to decelerate and wouldnt pick up speed when i pressed the accelerator, but once i pulled over n popped the hood it had smoke coming from around the engine n smelled like burned rubber. I turned the car off and it wouldnt start but it would turn over freely. My diagnostic tool showed i had a misfire in 2 cyclinders and bank 1 was too lean. I was told i should get another motor, but i want to know if thats what i should really do because i need to get my car fixed asap.

When the lights are on and the car has been running for a while they will eventually light up. But when there not working the turn signals stay lit up like it's a bulb or something....

The longer the car is in use the problem gets worse

My car has always started and ran just fine. About a week ago, I got home...turned the car off. About 10 min later I tried to start the car, and it wouldn't. After waiting about an hour it started perfectly, but when I tried to leave my driveway going uphill it chugged and cut off. I coasted back and was in the downhill position. It started up and as soon as I started going uphill it cut off again. It is nearly full of gas, so I know that's not the issue...but I can not drive the car because it will not make it out of my driveway. What should I check? I am completely baffled.

Disconnected and reconnected fuel reset button and for some reason now dosent ever start or try to crank over any insight???

In summer the heat wouldn't stop, I could turn the fan off but heat would NOT stop coming through the vents. Now, no heat at all- fan works great, I've been told it's the "flap stuck" most likely. How do I diagnose?

I went out to start my car in the morning to go to work, n my speedometer, power windows, rear defrost, windshield wipers n radio all weren't working. I had someone check the fuses n that wasn't the problem. I wouldn't care as much but my drivers side window is a quarter of the way down n its winter in Wisconsin.