What causes that problem an how did it happen

1999 Taurus SE Sport 3.0l V6 DOHC single exhaust auto sedan... I just purchaced the car from its 2nd owner who claims to have no history of issues. In the first week the wipers come on (usually 1 pass) by themselves and the car has just shut off while driving (not stall but die) twice now. The vacuum line broke for the EGR valve and was driven approximately 30 miles before repaired. The check engine light came on about a day later but the battery was dead and had to be jumped the day I dought it. The only history on the car was it needed new tires an allignment along with the sunroof motor replaced. It is due for an oil change and normally the car runs and sounds great. I will be hooking up an OBD2 meter this week to check the engine light. Can anyone help shed some light on this problem?

Daughter was driving and said that it started smoking from under hood and the smoke was coming out by the windshield. She was able to get it started and drove 3 blocks home, but car would only get up to 10 mph.

We changed the fuel pressure regulator as friend said fuel was not coming out of there when he checked it. Replaced it and then he said that the car was not getting fire so he told me to replace the ignition coil and I replaced it with a used one.
I was told that the car is now getting fuel and fire, but car still will not start. The check engine light was coming on intermittently, but it passed the Texas State Emission Inspection several weeks before this problem started. So I am not sure if this info matters, but believed I should include in this description as it might be relevant.

I have used an OBD II scanner on it 3 or 4 times and get no codes. We have tried everything and cannot figure out why car won't start. Help!

Now, our 1999 Taurus wagon won't move at all.
Is it a torque converter problem? Sensor? Or other?

blue smoke comming from tail pipe getting oil in one sparkplug well

What do you think I should do

Can i bypass the system or can i get a actual wire diagram to this sysem. I dont really know which type system it is but says chapmans security system. Car was running but isnt able to right now. Itsmy friends car. It was already appart. I hooked it up it ran i told him to pjnch the gas it stoped now it wont start i took it appart it was burnt so i trhed to solder it back but have not tryed to start it yet.

steering was making a noise and pulling to the left. Today it won't steer at all. My mechanic said he will not honor warranty on rack and pinion because he no longer deals with the parts dealer. I have lost faith in the guy.

Drives great except for a bang on first gear I had it checked at another shop!