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Had P/S leak in the past. Now fluid levels are normal, but this winding up sound is present every time drive car. Sounds like a toy space ship. Worse on acceleration. Seems tight or hard to make turns.
i changed the fuel filter and it runs better but still sounds like injected plugged up
I had the speed sensor replaced and it's doing the same thing a couple of days later.
My brother was recently in an accident & the cast iron mount that holds the ball joint & wheel bearing has broken but I don't know what its called & only find info on the bearings please help me identify this part!?
will be okay all day, but overnight completely dies,wont turn over and no lights. dealer thought maybe some part that ford dont make anymore? any sugestions?
Car starts some days others it does. I was told its either fuel pump driver (is that different than the fuel pump) or its the ECM. Need price on each. How to determine which one it is. Thanks sometimes if it doesn't s...
My car will start perfectly fine, it will go into reverse and (N) but when I put it in drive, it automatically stalls. What could it be?
when I tried to start it back up nothing there was no smoking no oil spill it was running great up to the moment it stopped without warning what could it be