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code PO161 oxgen sensor heater circuit bank 2 sensor 2. I have replaced 02 sensor bank 2. engine light will not shut off cleared with scanner, light came back on. please advise
replace 02 sensor deleted error message with scan tool. engine light can back on and scan tool indicates 02 sensor not heating up. please advise. thank you.
Changed master cylinder but brakes still hissing
The car will not stop brake pedal goes all the way to the floor and it makes a hissing noise when I press on brake pedal
fan nt working
At first I thought, Shift Modulator, but the reset cleared all of that up once I drove the car to allow the ECU to learn the shift patterns, and idle speeds. Now it is just the engine vibrates hard at an idle. It run...
The long black upper hose that leads from reservoir ovr to cool engine leaks. All the antifreeze leaked out. Gas Stat mech showed me where hose had popped off on 1 end & can replace, fill up w/coolant but may not work...
fluid level fine, even a tick high. absolutely no signs experienced of pending failure.nothing! worked fine 1 minute,parked,came back out NO GO! can it be something minor, like gear shift box or a sensor? do not belie...