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fan nt working
At first I thought, Shift Modulator, but the reset cleared all of that up once I drove the car to allow the ECU to learn the shift patterns, and idle speeds. Now it is just the engine vibrates hard at an idle. It run...
The long black upper hose that leads from reservoir ovr to cool engine leaks. All the antifreeze leaked out. Gas Stat mech showed me where hose had popped off on 1 end & can replace, fill up w/coolant but may not work...
fluid level fine, even a tick high. absolutely no signs experienced of pending failure.nothing! worked fine 1 minute,parked,came back out NO GO! can it be something minor, like gear shift box or a sensor? do not belie...
My husband has replaced the pump and pressure line. After putting in more than 8, 10 oz bottles it's still not marking on the powers steering dip stick/cap. HELP... What could he have done wrong??
Instead of shifting to second it just seems to slip to neutral when its cold. When it does warm up it shifts perfectly. Fluid is full not burnt looks good. Ideas??
the temperature gauge don't work stays on cold all the way down and gas gauge stuck at half tank . What should I do to fix it could it be bad fuse or what?