i was driving and noticed i was losing speed and kept losing speed until it died. lifted the hood cuz it was hot and a small fire started from fluid that had spewed, now my car wont start? im lost and need help

what belt do i get to bypass air-compressor on a 3.0

Fan is connected directly to fuse box

We flush out the heater coil still no heat

In the front of the car, underneath, there is a small hose just hanging off. It's right behind my radiator and drags the ground slightly. Could this cause my check engine problems?

If I drive the car for about 5 minutes the check engine light comes on. The car becomes very sluggish, I can press the accelerator all the way to the floor and it is struggling to go. Sometimes it will sputter and sounds like it is backfiring. Also, if I don't keep my fuel level above 1/4 tank the car will shut off (don't know if that's related to problem). If I let the car cool a couple of hours, the check engine light won't be on anymore, until I either drive it or let it idle until the engine is warm. When the light comes on, you can smell the rotten egg smell. Is there anything, besides the catalytic converter, that can cause these issues?

the temperature gauge fluctuates drastically during low mileage and fan does not appear to be coming on.before i bypass it are there any other things i may look at to fix problem first.thank you its a 1995 taurus station wagon

Car stalled while driving, checked to see if gas was flowing through, no gas. Changed fuel pump still wont start. If I put gas in carbonator it starts for a few seconds. What could be the problem.

I was at a light and thought a hose broke, liquid was all over. so I took the car to a shop and they did the above work, but said that when they checked the car with their gauges, it overheated and might need a gasket check and/or engine. Never had a problem with the car overheating before this. Got the car last year with 95,000 miles. Engine turns on fine, but was told I shouldn't drive it.

Where is it located and what involves in replacing it?
The car runs but when you try to restart when hot it just cranks over. Wait about 15 minutes to cool off and it fires right up.


the valve/ distribution assy is located on the driver side above the front tire wheel well.