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the valve/ distribution assy is located on the driver side above the front tire wheel well.
want to charge my AC with DIY canister--can not locate where the valve(s) are in the engine. It's a 1995 Ford Taures
I check the fuel pump its working and filter is new. Also empty out the gas that was in it. The check engine and oil light comes on when it shuts down everytime. I need to know what's going on before I go back to school.
After sitting for a while the next day it will start and run all day until I cut it off then it gives me trouble.
It drives fine but while waiting at the red light it dies out and temperature gauge goes up.
When driving it upshifts too soon and doesn't downshift when you stop and kills the engine. If you downshift manually it works ok but still shifts too soon when driving. It worked fine before I let it sit for a few mo...
I have a chance to get a 1990 shifter. Is it the same? Or if you have one you know will work for me, let me know.
I have a chance to get a 1990 SHO shifter manual. Is it the same as my 1995?
76k miles, auto, just bought the car, the engine stumble occurs under light load or no throttle at speeds of 30mph on up. No "Check Engine Light", no back fire, just feel this "miss" while driving. Here is a list of t...