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they squeal when riding stop when I apply them. start again when I start again. o they stop when I ride over the warning grid on the side of the highway
stop at red light steped on gas to leave car stalled wont restart
All of the fuses are fine there is no clicking from the starter or cell annoyed. No visible corrosion on the wires
I have been to three automotive shops and they have all told me that eec isn't responding.
I cant get my hand or a tool in to release the latch. any ideas?
Car started missing then it started to flood and miss real bad dies as soon as you put it in gear?Got fire threw the plugs.
My car will not start but turns over like it wants to start, when you turn the key on (like you are driving it) you will hear a ticking/clicking noise that comes from my ECM (has been replaced TWICE). All fuses have b...
the gas mileage is terrible,it cost me 20dollars a day or more to run it.how can i fix this ,it runs great otherwise
Car tries to shift when cold but won't come out of first after warming up
It had never slipped or had any issue suddenly wont shift into any gear when rev'd sounds like its in neutral the engine sounds like it wants to engage but cant ocasionally it can go in reverse but not for long
no precious to thefuel injectors