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is a speedometer cable danger if not working on a car
how much does a speedometer cable cost
I think a piece came off of the hood that hooks into the latch. there doesn;t seem to be anything for the latch to grac
I have completely flushed the air conditioning system and I can't find out how much oil I need to charge the system with. Please help!
How to remove the pulley from power steering pump.
interior light stays on door ajar light on, even when the key is removed
What are the torque specifications for the head bolts when repacing a head gasket on a 93 taurus with 3.0 engine?
so my car all of a sudden will only drive in neutral. it drives highway speed in that gear but nothing else works have any ideas what the problem could be or how to fix it or cost of repairs.....
What other transmissions will bolt up to the sho3.2? I now have an AX4S automatic.
can't remove shift cable can you tell me the best way to get to front and end of removable, what is the best way to get to end piece of cable to remove it
ok my car today while going down the hiway just dropped from od to 1st & will not shift out of first, reverse is working & i can put it in drive it just will not shift from first to 2nd or 3rd or od, fluid is full.......
Where is the windshield washer pump located
Hello. My car died. I had it towed to my house so that we can try to fix it rather than paying the expensive labor costs. My boyfriend heard that there is a way to do a diagnostic test yourself by doing a couple of st...
Hi, my 93 taurus is running hot when running a slow speeds or in traffic , the thermostat was just changed in august 09 , it stays in the center when running at highway speeds of about 45 -50 what could be a possi...
What part on the car makes the tension on the belt that runs the altenator?