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trunk release latch got locked and I lost key to that and my trunk key How do I unlock latch release and get into my trunk?
Ignition switch keeps beeping when door is open or closed.
what cost should I have paid for the detection, replacement of one short segment, and purge the line?
My wipers work but the fluid doesn't spray out.
No gas goint to engine and have searched fuse boxes
No gas to engine and no humming from fuel pump
Hesitates when at about 50 or 55 mph when steady pedal is applied. When extra gas is applied by gas pedal it stops. Sensors are supposed to check out. Seems no one can fix. Tried dry gas,checked for vac. leaks with et...
I have a 1993 ford taurus and lately I'am having trouble getting the car out of park. Afer I get it out of park it drives fine, but when I park it, it won't come out of park. I only have 47,000 miles on it. Any advice...
When you drive it in the city it seems to be ok but once you step on it like going on the expressway it starts to spit and sputter.
During independent mechanic inspection of a car we want to buy that otherwise checks out the airbag light is on. Ths mechanic said the used card dealer selling this car should have a code he can give us. What are the ...
my car wont hold any water i need to replace freeze plugs but dont know how many i have or where they are located HELP
Where is the A/C relay located on a 1993 Ford Taurus?
a/c clutch will not kick in. Where is the a/c relay located?
be driving down the road and it just cuts off!
How many Engine motor mounts are there in my car?