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the car was involved in a front end crash and we replaced the front end but we still can't get car to start.
there is a buzzing sound under the hood when the key is in ignition and turned forward. It cranks but engine wont turn over. We already replaced the ignition module it helped a couple of times but doing the same thing.
I cannot put my car into any gear. The gear shift just moves back and forth, not stopping in any gear. I was told that the shifter cable broke. I would like to remove it myself so that I can take it to an auto part...
I have noted the estimate for strut and shock replacement. Along with this, I need new coil springs. What is the estimated cost now?
In addition to the strut/shock assemblies, I also need to replace the coil springs. What is the estimated cost for all of this?
Estimate shows cost of replacement of strut and shock absorber assembly, but what if coil springs also need to be replaced?
my car want stay started when i started it up
93 taurus headlight/rear fuse keeps blowing but the turn signals/brakelights work Help
How does one determine if a power steering leak requires hose or pump replacement. My pump was supposedly replaced a year ago, but I have a little trickle hitting the ground beneath it and I have to top it up pretty o...
All leaks have ben repaired for some time. Cat smokes when engine gets hot with no check engine codes. I have replaced all lines and gaskets. I purchased the car used with 125k miles. I just dont want to go buy a cat ...
i have 3 power windows don't work on my Taurus, 1 of them worked right up until today. and the other two i got from the guy with it like that, there is lights showing on the driver side controller but they aren't wor...
this is the first time I have had problems,, I turn over the key and it wont engage the starter I have rplaced the strater selenoid and the ignition, cant figure it out, can anyone offer any advise, thanks
i am having problems with the heating and cooling from the inside of my car, can not find a picture to help what can i do
Thanks Davejhm for the super quick answer to my 1st question. my next one is what terminology do i use to look up the repair estimate? thaks again!! i love this site!