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drove to store, car ran great. when I returned my car would not start. starter turned over motor but fuel pump was not cycling at all. I need a schematic for fuel system as well as loation of fuel pump relay, fuses an...
after removal of 4 bolts surrounding cluster on all corners and removing both hex pinns bottom center cluster why won't it come out??
I had to remove the fuse. is there a shorted switch in the ignition causing this?
I have to let my Taurus run for a few minutes and the RPM's go below 1 before driving. If I don't the car skips sometimes.
Took complete headlight and hooked it up to passenger side and it works. Have checked fuses and wires with volt meter and they are all fine. Getting power to the headlight socket and have checked ground wire.
I was driving home from work and the eng quit running out of know where without any signs or warning. I luckily coasted all the way to my driveway and had put the car in neutral and tried to start it as I was coasting...
When first started it acts like a carburated motor that needs choked, wants to die but doesn't,as it warms up it idles a little better, then driving on highway it skips like its going to stall but but not all the time...
cost of replacing manifold exhaust system in Ford Taurus 1993
I pulled on outside back door handles and they have to tension they will not open how do i replace them?
th are checked out fine. just had an interlock device installed on it also my mechanic has it wired to start when you pust a button to start the fan and the car. what could it be that its not starting?
I need a DPFE sensor and pigtail and a EGR System Transducer
but it quit at the same time it seems like the tranny aint shifting into the last gear when u get up to highway speeds u cant get it to kick down when to step on it hard
my check engine light is on but it cant be checked beause the plug end is melted i need to find a new one but dont know the part name for it