2005 Ford Mustang GT Reviews

2005 Ford Mustang GT Reviews and Owner Comments

2005 Ford Mustang GT (6 Reviews)
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Best car I have ever owned. A few minor issues in the first year with TSB's which were fixed by dealer. Only routine maintenance, a couple set of tires, a battery, front brakes, and thousands of gallons of gas in over 100,000 miles of pure driving pleasure.
Nothing but problems with throttle body after the warranty was up. Rocking sound system but burned cd's skip to the point that they can't be played at all. Beautiful car but will not buy another one.
I have a 2005 Red mustang GT--bought it brand new in dec. 2004. basically love the car--goes 0-60 in 5.5 seconds. 1st problem, the cd player always skips especially on cd's i burn. very disappointing because the stereo system rocks, 2nd problem, #8 cylinder wiring harness took a crap at 16,000. 3rd problem, "fail safe mode" light comes on, turn engine off and back on and it goes out. but if it occurs while driving it cuts you back to 30 MPH. now i have to replace a throttle body on it. that is the code it is spitting out. car only has 20,000 miles on it and is my third mustang (i have never had problems like this with any other mustang) (5 or 6th mustangs between my husband and i) 4th problem. i have the red and black retro interior and the red fabric on the door panels fell completely off. Ford will not help in any of these matters. mileage low, even though years surpassed the warranty. us being loyal ford customers you'd think they would help you out--NO WAY!!!! when i do buy a new car is just may be the dodge challenger next time!
Best Car I have owned in a long while
Fine machine. bought this car new. had an issue with the throttle position sensor after a few months. dealership fixed it and haven't had any trouble since.
As soon as my car dropped out of warranty it basically fell apart. It's almost as if key components are designed to fail. If this car was brand new it would be replaced under the lemon law, but since it worked perfectly up until the warranty expired, I'm now stuck with a total POS. 27k miles - California owned car. It looks like its in perfect condition but its a perfect piece of poo.