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2011 Ford Mustang

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2011 Ford Mustang Reviews

Got new in Nov of 2010. So far have had many problems. Intermittent climate controll a/c blows warm air sometimes body is rusting. Steering wheel coming apart. Now have to keep adding coolant no leaks found no longer under warranty. Transmission is jerky. Good power for v6. Nice body style. Going to be my last ford purchase

I own a 2011 Mustang base that is only 2 years old and is now in the shop a second time for AC problems. The first time there was a crack in the hose to the compressor and now they are telling me my relay is out.. Sorry AC if it can't even last 2 years.

Power steering assist failure warning. Power steering stops working. This is a major problem, safety issue, can lose steering ability while driving.

2011 Mustang Premium, Pony Pac, V6, MT with 10K miles. Great car, I'm like "a possum eatin' yellow jackets" when driving it - can't quit smiling. However, around 2500-2750 RPM on deceleration in 3rd gear (most noticeable), there's a vibration / roar in the cabin (shakes dash at times). Recently serviced, I was told vibration was normal...I say BS. Apparently, the dual mass flywheel springs are the culprit. It would be ironically funny to me if Ford used this flywheel to help with NVH (noise, vibration and harshness).

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