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after changin my oil how do i reset the oil tracking light
car overheats at low speeds. The fan works.
My rear left light is out. I bought the new bulb and would like to know how to change it myself.
battery checked ok charging system says ok but alternator reads doides pass but low reg, .
can you have the transmission on a 2006 ford freestyle rebuild or should I have it replaced what is the price differance
my car makes a tapping sound when it is in park when I put it in drive the sound goes away what could this be
vehicle stopped moving forward or backward abrubtly. if transmission isthe problem how much would it cost to repair/rebuild
My Freestyle is also lurching forward when I am in the fast food drive up, or parking, or even backing up - as if the idle is too fast, and I have to practically stand on the brakes to keep it from hitting something.
wrench icon on dash, computer says new throttle assby, but on nat'l b/o, then$750.00 to fix? Seems a lot to me. Why on B/O, is this happening to all Fords, it just lunges foward when you least expect it to.
Air conditioner does not put out cold air at idle. works good, not excellent at higher rpm. Had ford dealer look at it they say it's ok. At idle in hot 90+ days only puts out warm to cool air.
a wrench icon appeared then went away, suppose to be a throttle assembly went bad? It went on after the car was idleing abt. 20 min. Did my errands, then shut off. 45min later went to start car and the wrench icon wa...
How do I replace the thermostat in my Freestyle? Do you have any pictures of the thermostat housing location so I know what to remove?