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puddle of oil shop said to drive it for awhile bring it back in a week isn't that bad to drive
Digital, speed display ok
As long as u dont push it or pull out fast its ok
The left front turn signal works, but it flashes faster than usual. The rear turn signal light comes on, but does not blink.
The handle came off and we tied zap straps around the inner cable, the cable wore down and snapped now we cannot open the tail gate. Can I get the parts from a retailer and have a mech install or ford?? Prices would...
my car started to sputter then died. i thought it was a fuel pump but the dealer sys its two valves and its $2400-$3000 to fix. i only owe $6000 /16 pymnts. does this sound right and would you fix it?
it overheated and the hoses are fine, i noticed the fan not coming on.
i need to know where the vapor canister and selenoid is located and what it looks like thanks
Went to open my tailgate and the handle came off in my hand
my brake light keeps getting stuck what can be the cause of this and can i disconnect a fuse to tempararly turn my brake light off, if so where is the fuse located at?