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2006 Ford Freestar why is there water in the transmission?
Water in the transmission? Why and it sounds like a common problem
i changed the fluid and filter and it didn't do any good
My buddy noticed my brake lights were not working the same day. Coincidence?
I was driving and it did like a jump or stutter and then stalled on me. I thought maybe I need gas but after filling up I nearly got out of the gas station finally got to drive it a bit but when slowing down or stopin...
The belt broke and I need to see the diagram of what pulley's it goes around
engine light is on.. please tell me the meaning of error code P01MI thanks
The wheels were balanced and was told that all 4 wheels were bent! No rough roads, potholes or damage otherwise to vehicle. Help.
lately when driving it chugs like water is in the gas tank. lost my owners manual and a light keeps comming on and off. it looks like a engine or the water pump.
normal driving it is fine. plugs,wires ,fuel filter and flow are fine.cleaned intake,injecters and vavles. no codes under globalobd2 or manufature specic. looking for suggestions possibily missing something.
There is 135,000 mi on the van. I located a repair description on you tube for a 2007 Freestar. Is the repair the same as fir the 2006? The person said that the resisters need to be resoldered and the corrosion cleane...
Does this sound reasonable, and what would an estimate be?