Looking for "parts replaced" info from owners w/similar problem.

Fuel pump not getting power

The question is simple.

It's idling low when I drive cuts off at Red light the rench light was coming on I knew it was the throttle body now that I've gotten the throttle body and sensor came with the throttle body replaced I'm having the same issues

Ford needs to ReCall! Must someone get HURT/Other ! Ford knows this existence ! WHAT DO I DO? Try trading this one in with this kind of PROFILE ! FORD NEEDS TO FIX as this is dangerous !

mechanic said it needs to be replaced. If it is externally mounted I can do it myself.

Many times I get in my car and the key won't turn so I have to try over and over and finally it will turn and I can start the car. I have used powder graphite and seems to help a bit. Wondering how costly repair will be and why is this happening?

bolted on w/ 1 small bolt n has 2 wire connection approx. 10" long wire

How do i do this?

It started shaking violently and acted like it wasn't getting any gas and missing really bad.

I just replaced the battery thinking that was the problem, but it's still doing it

It also act as if it didn't want to go, but then accelerated and the lights came back on but the check engine light stayed on.