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the radio would come on and off by itself, ever since the buttons were pushed very fast. The vehicle shut off after these lights came on.
when put on diagnostic nothing comes up. have changed fuel filter,fuel pump after about 5 to 10mins it will start back up. happens about two to three times a week.
Turned car off and saw smoke coming out of passenger side mirror. Now the power window, dome light and radio does not work. Any suggestions on a fix or estimated cost.
EVERYTIME I hit a bump in the road, both front and back dome lights come on. I have to pull off the side of the road, open and shut my drivers side door to make the lights go off.
Engine won't crank. has new battery and starter.
It blows on high. So none of my functions are working except the temp control will adjust slightly
This problem has gotten progressively worse. don't know where to check tranny fluid
This occurs all of the time; I've parked it as it seems unsafe to drive. 150K on the vehicle; about 53K on this engine. Installed used tranny 9 months ago. Had a service performed on the AWD 3 years ago.