New starter, new battery, new computer still not starting.

When I come to a stop my care won't go or the gear switch by it self

I used the OBD II / EOBD CODE READER and found the following code (4 error codes)
P0171 System too lean Bank 1
P0374 Timing Reference Hig n Resolution Signal A No Pulses
P0171 System too lean Bank 1
P0374 Timing Reference Hig n Resolution Signal A No Pulses

The same code reader gave me RPM(rpm): 705.50 while the engine was running but the gear was in Parked position

I don’t feel anything while driving the 2006 Ford Five hundred SEL (I don’t have much knowledge about vehicles), It accelerates well and goes easily to 40miles per hour when given the acceleration (I have not tried beyond 40 miles/hr in order to avoid any damage, as I bought it recently and want to repair it before use) the odometer reads about 200,000 miles, I showed to a local mechanic he said the gear is either in 2nd or 3rd (limp mode) after a short test drive, which made me little worried, what can be the possible reasons of this errors and what should I do to make it a smooth running vehicle?

Looking for "parts replaced" info from owners w/similar problem.

Fuel pump not getting power

The question is simple.

It's idling low when I drive cuts off at Red light the rench light was coming on I knew it was the throttle body now that I've gotten the throttle body and sensor came with the throttle body replaced I'm having the same issues

Ford needs to ReCall! Must someone get HURT/Other ! Ford knows this existence ! WHAT DO I DO? Try trading this one in with this kind of PROFILE ! FORD NEEDS TO FIX as this is dangerous !

mechanic said it needs to be replaced. If it is externally mounted I can do it myself.

Many times I get in my car and the key won't turn so I have to try over and over and finally it will turn and I can start the car. I have used powder graphite and seems to help a bit. Wondering how costly repair will be and why is this happening?

bolted on w/ 1 small bolt n has 2 wire connection approx. 10" long wire

How do i do this?