Belt comes off , replaced New tensioner , Belt Guide, Idler Pulley. won't line up in the tensioner. I ride on 1/2 the tens. pulley. Ford said no recall. ?

I want to take the cab off of my 93 f-350 and put it on my 88 f-450 but the f-450 had a diesel and the f350 is a gas 460 i was wonding if the cab swap will beable to get leagel

I cannot find a replacement tank it is plastic and I cannot find a replacement .If you look it up it shows a different tank this is a special tank dimensions are 14 1/2 X 17 W X 27L. Part number is VFOTA-9104- CA M73 DC.. Do yo know where I can get one???

could it be the clutch or something internal?

misfire and quitting during acceleration when warm

Oil changed less than 4000 miles

I'm wondering which fan clutch I should be using for my truck it has a.c.Pressure builds in the head pressure. Thanks for your help Roy. I have a new condenser. I'm really stumped what to do.

I replaced the compreser and conensor. Since doing so the temperature is fine when driving but on idle the head pressure raises. What is causing this? I don't want to drive the truck an use the air until I correct this problem

I have the '93, 7.3l non turbo diesel and when temps get above 70degF and my engine is warmed up, I shut the truck off but unable to restart if it sets for more then 15 min or so. I pour a little water over the top of the injection pump while the key is in the ON position and truck starts back up and runs fine. It has been suggested that the fuel shutoff solenoid is sticking because of the excess heat around the engine after shutdown and the carbon buildup on the solenoid plunger not allowing it to open and allow fuel to the pump! My main question at this point is- Where is the shutoff solenoid located so I can disassemble and clean?

my truck wont start

i dont have any brake lights.
The fuse is good.
i have turn singles and tail lights

i lose power went in 4 wheel drive. In 2 wheel i have all the power i need. i recently had it rebuilt. No problemsbefore the rebuild