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When I turn on the ignition the interior light stays on until you wiggle the key in the ignition
This problem just started this evening. The engine light flashes and the engine shakes hard while in drive.
cost of serpentine belt replacement for 2008 sport tract
When I go out and start truck there is a ticking noise in the passenger side only when I start it it only does it for a minute or minute and a half
if I take my foot off the gas its jerky again. Then recently I've had several instances where the truck seems to rev at a higher RPM and the temperature gage goes above the hot mark and my oil temp light comes on. I...
Like at what milage should i get a tune up for my 08 Sports Trac
The air bag signa is always on and battery had fail to start three times. Are these two related?
how do you change the brake fluid
How do I reset the oil change indicator light?