2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Questions

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This happened after 2 jump starts, after truck sitting,for about 48hrs.

Right front end noise but everything is tight 2007 Ford Explorer Iron Man . bumping noise in right side accurs while drive in bumpy roads where is this coming from need to know what to look for and where right front passenger side

I see a small amount of moister build up on the top near the thermostat housing but it ain't leaking. It's under the black cover in the top. Smells I uje antifreeze.

When I shut off the air and slow down, the roar stops and air works. This is only at lower rpm. Last time the roar began, the temp gage peaked, but the engine was not hot. When I restarted, the roar stopped and the gage went to normal. Can anyone give me some advice as to where to begin?

I need someone to tell me why the wrench emblem keeps coming on in my truck

The Wrench light came on in my 2007 ford sports trac. What caused this light to come on ?

I replaced the engine in my 2007 Explorer sport trac. The engine temp is fine when running. When I use the AC, the compressor cycles on and off when idling. when I am traveling the AC works fine and does not cycle. However, if I idle for over 2 or 3 min with the AC on the Temp gage starts to climb. Without the AC I can idle for as long as I want and the temp gage will not change. It only goes up when the AC is on and the truck is idling. I also have a new radiator and thermostat in the truck.

Do you think it could be the throttle position sensor or do you think plugs. Mileage us 101655. Really need help on this one. Oh and when I stomp it, no problems.

How do I find out if it's the vacuum hose type or the cable type doors.

They did front end alignment, all good. Replaced tire for free. But I have a vibration in that same front wheel at speeds over 50 ?

SportTrac has recently had a tune-up before traveling from Georgia to Utah. It started up just fine when I drove it off the car carrier and parked it on the driveway. An hour later, went to start it and . . . nothing. No power at all. Had the battery jumped and left charging for a while but still no juice . . . dead as a door nail.

Could something have come loose during all the bouncing around and changing altitudes?

happen in november 2014,march 2015 took it to the dealer he they find anything cause the wrenchlight was not on.put it in gear jerk forword,