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They did front end alignment, all good. Replaced tire for free. But I have a vibration in that same front wheel at speeds over 50 ?
SportTrac has recently had a tune-up before traveling from Georgia to Utah. It started up just fine when I drove it off the car carrier and parked it on the driveway. An hour later, went to start it and . . . nothing....
happen in november 2014,march 2015 took it to the dealer he they find anything cause the wrenchlight was not on.put it in gear jerk forword,
Checked/swapped the fuses/relays but didn't fix the problem
Truck quit driving down the road. Unhooked fuel line and ran off a 6 gallon boat can. Pumped the primer ball and truck started right up. Changed the fuel pump and now truck wont start. Electrical issues?
Hade to replaced 4 bearoings
took off all the tires and checked hubs tire does not move and hubs are tight filled all the fluids underneath the care
I can drive about 50 miles in the city and burn a 1/4 of a tank of gas. Great power and speed. Sometimes I think I have a ges leak(no smell), or it is evaporating from the fuel tank. What do you think?
The heater is on and blows cold air at different times.
it sounds like its coming underneath the dash. I changed the thermostat and drained the antifreeze, it was almost empty so I guess I have a leak somewhere
the headlight will not shut off and its only the passenger side headlight. Dissconecting the battery is the only way to shut it off.