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Everything is locked up
My gauge cluster turns off and on by itself. Sometimes I have no power in my power windows radio sunroof. And then all of a sudden they'll turn on as I'm driving down the road.then if I hit a bump they will turn off a...
No leaking when in park, or neutral, only when in gear. Still functions correctly, as long as fluid lasts. No associated noise
Thermostat housing cracked, causing overheat. Replaced housing, but still have antifreeze pushed into overflow tank, until antifreeze level in engine too low, then just air bubbling into tank. Antifreeze low in engi...
replaced motor nothing all fuses and relays are good got 12 volts at motor any help greatly appreciated thanks
I had the AC Condenser & Dryer replaced after a rock was thrown up and hit the condenser. Two weeks after the repair I turn on the defroster and notice white smoke billowing out of my tail pipe. Turned defroster off ...
After running for awhile, the panel, directly below the stereo, gets so warm that its very uncomfortable to hold your finger to it for more than a few moments. Heater/AC function fine. I did just have a stereo-place a...
I have had the thermostat replaced twice and now I think it needs it again. Is this a common occurrence in this vehicle?
Coolant coming down right side and have coolant puddle under intake manifold valley behind thermostat housing. Hard to see there with all attachments in road. I think it is cracked
While driving my truck an all of a sudden other cars start stopping i hit my breaks hard an my sport trac will shutoff an must put up in netrual an restart my truck
Cruse control won't engage, no dash indercator light when press on at stearing wheel. Where do I start trouble shooting?