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My brights are stuck on. If I turn the light switch to on I can see the regular lights come on. When I turn the switch to off the brights stay on. And the bright indicator on the dash shows also. I disconnected th...
I Replaced my cruse control buttons and had to completely disconnect my battery. When we started it up again every thing worked fine. I'm now having an issue with my dash lights not staying lit. They flash on and off ...
I had it checked by auto parts store. guy said it was charging fine.
My OD / OFF light had been flashing for a couple weeks, I noticed hard shifting when it was. I had to be towed home. The next morning all seemed ok, good torque reverse and forward, then it slipped away after warming ...
vehicle did not come with that item, is the parts or after market item available for purchase..... From whom
first, your sign-up does not accept Guam Zip Codes. check on that, please. The local Ford dealer says the PCM needs replaced because it does not hold programming. They quoted us $1400. When I Googled the part I fou...
I checked the gauges all where in the normal range and than the truck died. it has 158,000 miles on it all original.
however if I shift it into 4wd it will move and drive what could be the problem? thank you
What sort of engine questions should I be asking when buying a used Ford Explorer sport trac? If Water pump, fuel pump, serpentine belt, timing chain have been replaced? Anything else? Thanks
I have Ford 2004 explore sport trac and I get the following Code: P0193 Ford - Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input
The heater in the passenger seat will not go off. Light does not work on the switch so I'm not sure if the switch needs to be replaced or not. If so, any idea how much it would run?