the rack & pinion on my 2004 explorer sport trac is what they told me needs to be replaced on my vehicle a friend has offered me the rack & pinion from a 2002 ford explorer sport trac if I wanted it so before I ask him to go through the trouble of removing it from that model I wanted to inquire if it was a compatible fit for my year model 2004?

my 04 sport-trac has will run fine and then all the sudden have a bad miss like running on 4 cylinders and then about a mile or so later run fine again .till one day at lunch it was sitting idling in the parking lot and started running bad again and is still running bad I replaced coil spark plugs intake gasket .I'm at a dead end .may have broke some plugs putting them in.Help

Just had oil changed yesterday at the dealer and they didn't mention any leaks. It started this morning when heating up my car. The smells goes away and comes back when idiling.

Upon starting the truck none of the needles on the dash move and all the fuses are good, checked them all a few times.

horn does not work

I can't find the drain plug on the radiator, you you please let me know where it is?

I changed the fuel pump and the drive module. Now every time I turn the key after replacing the fuel pump fuse it blows it. Is it a short? The wiring harness to he drive module had a red wire that went nowhere.

I was driving and my interior and exterior lights started going on and off.

Could it be a fuel pressure problems

while i was driving my truck turn off it will turn back on again but it turns off right away check engine light turns on and where the mileage display is it shows check gauges

All my other lights work. Turn signals, break lights, head lights, interior, ALL work. Just not the rear park lights

My 04 sport trac is losing coolant sometimes. Today I went to autozone to get a new radiator cap. I parked uphill(30+ degrees) and when I shut it off I got steam. Looking under the truck and under the hood I had dripping from the bell housing area? put more coolant in reservoir and drove 1 block to store. No steam or fluid. drove the ten minutes back home and still nothing? I know I losing fluid somewhere. I check it everyday and sometimes it's 1/4 of an inch low and sometimes I check and it's empty? I'm a good shade tree mechanic. I've worked in shops and repaired my own for years! I'm lost this time! HELP!