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the scanner shows me the U0100 Code: there is lost whit ECM/PCM. And everything I tried did not start the car.
I bought this 2007 expedition limited 10 days ago through an auction. I went to get it inspected and the mechanic told me I need to drive it for at least 50 miles at 55mph cruise speed. I did that, I actually drove ab...
fills like a misfire but the vehicle isn't reading any codes or anything. but when i put injector cleaner in it, it runs fine for a while. i've had the injectors cleaned and a new fuel filter but the problem resurface...
only when driving n reversing it shakes alot n nothing happens in neautral
My driver seat is clicking while sitting in the driveway or on the highway. It would stop for a while if I were to adjust the seat in any way only to start again by days end. We came back from a week long vacation and...
connected hids after a month low beam stop working had to connect the hids to high beam to have light, need help
husband was changing #1 spark plug and the inerds and top broke and rest is still in there
It was fine when i got it used from dealership. Once i changed the oid and filter the noise started. What could it be
I noticed fluid on the ground after cleaning my vehicle. I took a look under the vehicle and noticed fluid leaking from the differentail housing and both sides of the axle.
I had my engine cleaned and it is now running very rough. Probably got some electronics wet. i'm not sure how I would go through and dry out wet components. Is this likely to go away, or probably need mechanical atten...
driving uphill the interior right rear qtr panel and third fold down seat became very warm to touch (transferrred heat to golf clubs) is this normal or is there something generating the heat?