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I'm getting a message on my message center that says "check electronic throttle??? can't remember what else. When the message appeared the car shut down, I had to put it in park and restart.
How can I prevent breakage of these plugs?
how to determon if the coil packs is bad? I tried 5 different coil packs and it still misfire P0305 and P0307
I have a 2005 ford Expedition I was driving and the oil gauge started moving from high to low quickly and with engine light on. . The engine starts now, but again loses oil pressure . Is this a problem oil pump (n...
I had bad ignition coils and drove the truck before I could get them replaced. Now I have a severely load tapping noise that sounds like its from the lifters but I'm not sure. What is the best way to fix the problem?
Who do you get the back seats in the expedition to collapse with out the electric buttons. I am looking at purchasing a King Ranch version and the back seat will not lay flat
What can cause this?
I heard a ticking noise like a clock for about 30 seconds coming from the dash, then when I went to put it into 4x4 it wouldnt light up and wouldnt go into 4, is this in the switch?
I was driving my car and a sign appeared saying check electrical thralldom or something like that.
i have a 2005 expedition and the vanity light and the turn signal lights have stopped working ( at different times) but i have been unable to locate the screws that would allow axcess to these bulbs. I have stopped a...
sometimes i dont get voltage to the fuel pump driver module
The truck was running fine & all of a sudden the "Electronic Throttle Control" light came on the message center & the vehicle lost power. The accelerator was not operating & the truck was starving for gas. I shut th...
My husband took out keys by accident and is out of state. How can I start my car without keys?
My truck lights up the wrench on the dash and just turns off and one time the emissions light came on....If there wasn't a recall on this there should be bc the vehicle just shuts off wherever with no warning.
I am told that catalytic converters are not covered by any warranty for older vehicles. Is this true?