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there's a loud knocking took it in they said its there cams its just getting louder n louder
Engine idles fine but shutters after extended driving. I usually notice after exiting the highway, car almost stalls while at light. If I shut engine off and restart issue clears until I start driving more.
Won't shift gears. Rpms rev up no movement. Fluid is great no burnt smell no history of transmission problems. Filter is good as well
engine light is on
Idles fine accelerates good had plugs replaced about 2 months back
Have had everything done to this vehicle just when you think your finished repairing it another thing happens. Runs great has awesome pick up and go, yet when sitting at stop light it dog's out and you here a clatter ...
Also note slight hesitation/miss on acceleration on mild incline.
Just started leaking out of on where. ..how much is this going to cost me and can I do it my self..
new transmission, shop said it cut the wires to my remote starter, didn't tell me, I tried to start it with the remote didn't work so I went in with the key. It doesn't even try to turn over, just the warning lights. ...
Husband started up our Expedition this morning and he got to listen to what sounded like the tape deck clicking all the way to work. What could it be? He put tape in and took out (didn't work), tried turning vehicle o...
All lights work ,Radio,fan,horn,wipers everything works. Had starter tested and it is good.