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the serpentine belt just replaced last night but a/c compressor has seized up. I was told the compressor would cost at least $1000. is there a way to by pass the compressor with a shorter belt?

i put new brakes and lines left front brake keeps locking up

My mechanic told me a couple months ago that this would need to be done but I could wait. Now he's saying it really needs to be done and rear tires need replacing too. He says the cost for parts and labor will be $980 - just for the strut/springs, it looks like that price is a little high. I have used him for awhile and thought he was giving me fair prices but I don't know.

I'm convinced that all of the crazy electrical things that have occurred (starter catching on fire, one headlamp not working, power windows intermittently not working, volume control changing the radio station, power seat intermittently not working) are due to a "wet" GEM. Been dealing with this for 5 years! Truck also just making a strange crackling sound when accelerating around 50mph. Could this be due to a non-Ford air filter? Just spent $1200 on replacing water pump. Ford hasn't figured out the elec issue! HELP!

crank up the truck in o/d light comes on then it will ill up for a min

Been reading blogs that suggest withering harness. Others mention they have changed both the battery and altenator and had no resolution.

Nothing comes on when start car has its own panel for a/c and it's out won't work what is causing this to happen

The engine is still running. What could problem be.

Car cranks but tries to stall when accelerating or pulling a hill

Engine try's to stall when I accelerate or going up hill