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Do I have to take the front passenger tire off to be able to unplu and plug the wires?
Battery went died got it charge up and my radio and DVD player stop
the ticking noise is intermittent and does not happen constantly, but the idle seems louder than regular.
after the car heats up its only a little warm and i changed the thermostat
We've replaced the battery, replaced entire fuse box at right kick panel, Fuel pump is good, Already checked inertia switch, spark plugs are good. Anyone have any ideas?
When I press on the gas it sounds like air coming through somewhere. It does not happened when I press on the brake, just happens when I press on the gas and on idle.
Just had new battery put in and used alternator which was just tested and told was working fine. Tonight check system charge came up on dash. Now battery is completely drained. What could be wrong and is it an expensi...
The check engine light came on for the first time tonight, the truck is stuck in park. The auto lights don't work, headlights, brake lights,work and the truck starts.
The smell appears after the vehicle has been driven for awhile.
Brother in law loosened one ignition coil and didn't 're tighten properly which is when problem began retightened properly but engine still misfires
The lift gate opens fine but the lift glass won't. It will not open with the key although I think I hear it unlock. When pushing either the release on the handle or the fob, it doesn't even make a sound and the lift...
I own a ford in australia, my problem is the speedo stopped, Ive done some tests myself an the only fault i've found is the signal coming from 1 abs sensor is a tiny bit different then the other 3. In this case the 4...
anti-locking seem to be working could the caliber on this tire needs to replace