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Didn't pass the inspection, the reason "NOT READY" they told me that I need to perform a drive cycle. The gas pump isn't working promply, doesn't mark the gas level on the dashboard. It could be this the reason for th...
Replaced the suspected coil pack and all the plugs. The problem has gotten worse. And now I think I smell the catalytic converters.
Sunroof, inside the truck that slides on a bracket, the bracket has come disconnected what do I have to do to reconnect the bracket to the door
break lights staying on and left signal and hazard lights not working right signal working but they all work when key is on an engine not running do not work when engine is running
Last oil change, the mechanic said the oil looked a little cloudy and suspected some coolant might be leaking into the engine oil. How worried should I be and how big a job is it to correct. I suppose a gasket needs...
this problem happens every few days. It almost seems like the gas going to the engine is running a bit lean. The smell from the exhaust smells weird.
Heat in front blows cold, heat in rear blows warm. why?
windows won't roll down at all