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Their machine and it printed out a code p0401. What does that mean and what i need an eestimate of what the repairs might cost. Also wondering if there are any recalls for this make and model 2001 ford expedition eddi...
antifreeze leaking from rear end of truck
pouring from rear end dribbling from below passenger side and pouring from driver side
truck shuts off truck sHuts off while in reverse and when driving forward and the brake is applied. But if the truck is parked it won't shut off... please help
check engine light on, code P0305 changed spark plugs, ignition coil, and upper and lower gaskets. The engine shakes, especially when vehicle is first started, and smell coming from exhaust. mileage 135,598
I just replaced my mass air flow sensor and two oxygen sensors but I ran the car for a month with a.defective air flow sensor too whats my problem can anyone help
The engine was cranking but would not start. Have had it looked at but want to ensure that what I need done and what I am being told to do is accurate. The cost is coming to 935.00 with filter change and relay replace...