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front heater not blowing hot air. inlet to heater on firewall is hot but outlet is cold
I am almost certain that the problem is the clock spring. Horn and cruise control do not work. Horn sounds off when panic button is pushed.
I could not get the old ones out, not enpugh room. Do I have to pull the axle?
looking for the "book" time for the replacement. (or resource for book times in general)
my rim is all criket and i think it mite have to do with my power sterring
that shaft then the pulley then the water pump dont know how to get fan shaft loose
went to auto store picked up some motorcraft spark plugs ..poped the hood .and it seemed like plugs were buried under fuel lines,a/c hoses,vaccume lines .replacing spark plugs sounds easy,but looks so hard .do i have ...
my 2000 expy ,had 265/70/17 on stock rim. i replaced them with 265/75/16 m/t on american eagle alloys 16/8. my question is that ,is it normal rim getting really hot that u can't touch them? i only drove a few blocks ....
must remove negative battery cable to stop motor from running
was working find until the orther day I let the the windows down ,the driver side wouldn't go back up all the other windows woring find.I test the fuse in circuit breaker.ran hot wrie an gnd wrie from battery to switc...
i just replaced the transfer case and cleared de clunking noise..found new problem at rear diferential it haves some play at slip yoke ..i was told its outer and inner bearings that are bad ..the first few miles after...
i checked and cleaned all doorlocks with wd40?do i check a fuse
is it posible to clean maf sensor with throttle cleaner im trying to fix my rough idle
when i start my suv i get a cloud of blueis white smoke. also i hear a whinning sound when i get out on the highway