Can you help also getting an and signal

I do pull over right away when overheating and turn off. When cooled down, I slowly take off cap and then antifreeze comes out and I replace it. Can usually drive all day with nothing else happening! Service Engine Soon light stays ON. Battery light is flickering on and off (not all the time).

replacing pump. Checked interia switch - pump has power but from purge valve to fuel pump no power. Need help????

I checked reset button - already down Is there anything else I can do.

2000 ford expedition - Fuel Pump replaced - no power going to it

I sent a question before no answer so can you help me out please

Tried to reset fuel system not working it will not turn to crank up it'll turn but just not cranking not getting any not getting any fire

Hey all, i am completely stumped on a 2000 ford with a 5.4 ltr auto 4wd truck. Initially the ECU was bad so i replaced the ECU. Once i replaced the ECU the truck fired right up. I checked the fuel pressure once the vehicle got running an it was low ( after about 45 min of running at idle the fuel pressure would drop to 26 psi). I replace the fuel pump and filter and the truck has an insanely hard start and sometimes no start. Today the truck fired right up and ran great. When i tap the throttle the idle hangs at about 1800rpms for roughly 45 seconds and this happens repeatedly. When I shut the truck off and go to restart it it will either not start at all, attempt to start but not start, or it will take a long time to start. At this point I really need some help getting this thing figured out. If you can help in any way please let me know thanks.

I just changed my starter and I went to go put back on my terminals, and the positive terminal sparks real bad. Why?

Battery reads charged, lights and radio work. Try to start click, click, click

Vehichle runs great except when it's under 45 degrees. Will drive fine but when at a stop/red light it acts like it wants to die out rpms going crazy now service engine soon came on today if above the 45 degrees no issues when at a stop/red light but service engine soon light remains on

Spark plug blew out. This is the second time it has happened and it has stripped the threading twice now. Is there a kit to fix this? Or does this have to be fixed by a shop?

We can only lock the doors by pushing down the buttons on the inside. The power door locks don't work with the remote or keypad. They each click really fast like the doors are locking and unlocking rapidly. Fuses are ok. where are the relays?

and then after a few min can go for another two blinks

The key turns over but it only has one loud click, coming from the starter shooting the piston back, but it will not turn on. I have had the battery checked, it is good and charged, tried jumping it with no success. I replaced the alternator because they told me it was bad but that didn't help. Checked all of my fuses and they are all good. Please give me an idea what I can do, thank you.