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However, we noticed all brake lights will work if the hazard button is turned on even though hazards don't work. All fuses are ok. Replaced multi-function switch and turn signal relay but still nothing on turn signals...
I replace my 2 coil and spark plug with new stuff . 2 days later saying 2 still miss firing. What's the problem ?
I replaced my brakes christmas day then feb. 7 2015 i replaced brakes calipers and rotors 3 weeks later brake fluid was leaking i went back and was told a washer came lose it is now 7 weeks and my brakes are scrubbing
Alternator appears to be going, how much to replace it.
It was wrecked, can you give me a rough estimate of parts and labor to fix: a broken spindle and replace rack and pinion. I know its vague, just need a general idea.
When I start my truck it does not stay started unless I put my foot on the gas peddle.after a while it will idle but only at a .50 rpm. It did this a few months ago but then it stopped. After a month it did it again a...
I don't have the owners manual so i have no reference I've tried to download online but had no luck.