i have a 1999 expedition eddie bauer triton v8

I just had the oil changed and new fuel filter but the problem is still happening

engine was windsor originally and its sensor was below intake port on driver side head towards the front no temp gauge please help


how much will it cost to get my rear suspention fix on my experdition

Control knob allows air/heat to blow on high setting but does not work on medium or other settings, only on "high".

power steering leak coming from above trams, is there a line that far back? can not see where because there is very little clearence.

p1000 code. whats the problem

Won't idle after it gets warm.Will crank but won't keep running.

Separate issue: when vent fan is first turned on, manure smell comes out of vents: cause?

is making a knoking noise

why does the windshield wiper light stay on even after filling the fluid container

having a difficult time removing lower ball joints

Why wont the needle in my 99 ford expedition move I put gas in it and does start,my headlights went out and so has the dashboard and on the overhead console the computer is reading the codes sc where it is suppose to read how many miles until empty.What could this be?

everytime i try to make any sharp turns the front wheels lock into 4 wheel drive and it takes lots of driving before it disingages ! how can i disconect the awd ?