Vehicle misfires sometimes,Occasionally dies Tach and speedo go dead will not restart until the key is cycled fully off then back on Odometer reads only lines until restart then quit working all together,Intermittent Heavy Stumble on acceleration not a misfire more of complete loss of power momentarily then comes back on. Set various codes for All the above sensors one at a time without check engine light. Has freeze frame data sometimes. Code and data clear on first key cycle. Crank,TPS,Knock,cam,and MAF sensors all test good. Battery 12.6 volts key on,14.2 volts running,Replaced coils and secondary O2 sensors, EVAP monitor will not set. Never the same code twice. All symptoms clear up for a day or two then come back one at a time never at the same time. Checked grounds and commons for voltage and resistance. I suspect PCM ground or PCM power feed. Possibly on the VSS circuit. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Overheating when on interstate, new thermo, new coolant do you know where the temp sensor is and if it has 1 or 2

Area temp here in summer time is 90' to 105'

While driving on interstate engine starts to over heat if A\C is turned on
New thermostats 192'
New coolant
Radiator flushed

Using we're theirs a lot of hills 80%

Refrigerant level good, compressor is turning, has good pressure no leaks

On the engine it is connected to the PVC tube and to the front Intake what is the other tube facing the rear going to

Replaced the bulb, replaced the brake switch, replaced the arm for signals and cruse control. Checked the connection at the bulb that has power. Check the wire harness on passenger side up to the kick panel on passenger side. Where do I go from there. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone heard of the ignition coils made by motor craft beibg defective ?

I have checked connectors and coils also spark plugs
What else can I do

The first time it happened, when I went outside in the morning the radio was on and would not go off even with no key. Other times the front blower would be on or the ding warning would go off with no key. I finally realized the connection with rain after a couple of dead batteries and now I have to cover the front of the car with a tarp so that something doesn't get wet any time it rains. Has anyone had a similar problem and is there a repair?

Checked with a Valve Guage Tester and read Late Ingition Timing
I have checked for leaks
Coil on plugs good
Put new spark plugs

upper hose hot lower hose cold thought it might be a blockage changed radiator still no heat

1999 Expedition V8 5.4L
Rough Idle
Engine miss

Vehicle didn't have a misfire just a bad coil in #8, so I decided to replace all Spark Plugs and Coils, Trottle position sensor,EGR pressure Feedback sensor,EGR valve,Idle Control valve after all this was done I got codes P0353 and P0356, checked connecters and rechecked spark plugs and also changed out coils 3-6 but Notting what can I Do now