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but no water in oil i ckecked and have a code po113
where is it and is it hard to fix
The cost of repair is too high for me I would like to replace the engine with either a used salvage yard one or rebuilt one or maybe a new one. What is the cost of these choices?
The add ons are what puts the price of repair out of reach for me. I need head gaskets only. The other stuff is good and all that for those that can afford it.
I think it is the controller for the front heater core how do I access
I have had this problem for some time now. We have replace the vacum hose twice and still does the same thing. Where else should i look to fix this problem?
Having a difficult time trying ti find heater hose assembly for 1999 Ford Expedition. BC of the age of my vehicle the dealership no longer stock or provides these parts. Where cn I find them. Motor craft or after mar...
i have a 1999 ford expedition xlt and when i start it ,it continues to try and start it's self as if its still trying to start its self while in park and in neutral and my radio cuts off and my 4x4 lights and windshie...
fluid noted coming from under front passenger side
when i turn on my truck i often hear a motor type sound as the front end lifts. NOW, Yesterday i noticed a bumpy rough ride & pulled over. When i stopped to check, i had NO flats (my 1st thought)BUT did find the intir...
front blower only works on high for a short time then the 30 amp fuse blows