Every afternoon, and occasionally throughout the day the break lights come on and off. Sometimes they stay on for a few seconds, maybe a minute then go off. I disconnected the break switch plug on the top of the pedal. The lights still come on and off. This occurs when the vehicle is not running, days even months at a time.

I take the car in about every 6 months but I dont know if this is often enough for a 20 year old car.

I only get 12 MPG and want to increase that number.

I can almost always hear the engine from inside the car when I am driving

After starting the motor as soon as key is released it dies

t stat is new collent is full heater core is good had heat and it just stop working

When engine is cold.

I'm eating starter an won't run right.is the fly week to big

Sounds and runs little rough started after a oil change and a new air filter was put in

Started out rough idle w/shaking when accelorating then would cut off after I stopped and parked..changed plugs,new IAC value, new temp.censor...now when we crank her up she doesn't stay running long at all and shuts off...please help.

What is the cause

we changed the freeze plug on the transmission, changed the metal pipe under the intake and now the truck will only go into drive. It won't shift gears. If you put it in reverse, it goes forward, if you put it in neutral, it goes forward, etc. and you cant get it to shift gears, when you get up to 40, it won't shift. it stays in first. can you please help me.

I heard rattling from the engine and thought it was the a/c compressor. I kept driving and check engine light came on. I checked battery, alternator, water pump, and power steering pump. They were all good. Then another block and the belt shreaded and spinned off but didnt snapp in half.

Cranks and idles fine.when you drive it starts hesitating and acting like it wants to go dead.